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This web page is a photographic history of Spirit and Truth Ministries. You can click on any of the pictures to see an enlargement (the large picture is displayed in a separate window). The pictures are organized by year. Before each group of pictures, David Spakes tells about the item or event.

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Launched Spirit and Truth Ministries

"During my first year as an ordained minister, I was presented with a sum of approximately two-thousand dollars. The giver stated that they wanted me to use the money for God's work, but at first I greatly resisted the offer, saying that the money should be given to a church instead of me. The persistance of the giver was a burden to me, and I prayed a great deal regarding this matter. One day as I was reading my Bible, these words from Acts chapter 4 leaped off the page at me and seemed to me to be the answer to my prayer: 'from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles' feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need' (Acts 4:32-35). I determined to start a nonprofit organization and use part of the funds to provide financial assistance to needy individuals. I was motivated by the desire to have the financials be in the public record that explained how this gift (and potentially other gifts in the future) would be used. This money did not belong to me, but it belonged to God!

"Introduce You To the Family"

"When Spirit and Truth Ministries became a legal entity on August 6, 1991, one of the ministry activities that we determined to engage in was to produce tracts to explain the Christian faith and to lead people to a decision to accept Jesus as Savior. The first opportunity to do this came when I was leading a weekly Street Preaching event in Harriman, Tennessee service during the Fall of 1991. Copies of this tract were handed out to the people who passed by on the sidewalk and who sat listening in their cars parked across the street."


Singing at Carr's Chapel Church of God, Cookeville, TN

"Spirit and Truth Ministries had begun to purchase some musical equipment and instruments for the purpose of promoting Christ through gospel music. On Saturday, July 18, my mother, Ruby Lea (the other officer of the corporation) and I went to a singing service held at Carr's Chapel Church of God. This event was significant for Spirit and Truth Ministries because after the service, Ruby expressed a strong desire to practice more songs and to be prepared to sing more frequently. The gospel music outreach would be a primary activity of Spirit and Truth Ministries for the next decade and beyond."

"Jesus Is Here"

"During the Spring and Summer months of 1992, Spirit and Truth Ministries produced a tract for distribution at the campus of Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville where I was a student. The purpose of this tract was to inform new students about Christian student organizations on campus and to encourage students to attend one of the local area churches while they attended college. I met individually with the leaders of each of the Christian student organizations in existence at that time to speak with them about what we planned to do.

Since it appeared that producing tracts was going to become a regular activity of Spirit and Truth Ministries, the ministry purchased a computer and the software needed to design the tract. In August, we obtained the services of a local print shop to produce a large number of copies, and these were distributed at the beginning of the Fall semester."


Singing at the Church of God of Prophesy, Dyersburg, TN

"I became acqainted with James Lawson, an ordained minister in the denomination known as the Church of God of Prophesy. For part of the time I was enrolled at Tennessee Technological University, I attended the local church in Cookeville, Tennessee where he was the pastor. Not longer after I met him, the denomination reassigned him to be the pastor of their church in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Spirit and Truth Ministries provided some financial assistance to the Lawson family for thier moving expenses. A few months later, Spirit and Truth Ministries received an invitation to minister in song during the Sunday morning service at the Church of God of Prophesy in Dyersburg. The first picture below shows the church building where we ministerd. The second picture is of Pastor James Lawson and his wife, Brenda Lawson. In the last two pictures, Ruby Lea is posing with the Lawson family on a dock at Reelfoot Lake near Dyersburg."

Singing at Algood Church of God and Master's Health Care, Algood, TN

"I was introduced to the Algood Church of God by one of my college friends, Tara. Her father played guitar for this church, and it opened a door for Ruby Lea and I to sing and minister at this church as representatives of Spirit and Truth Ministries. The pastor, Curtis Roberson, is pictured below with his wife Rosa in the living room of the parsonage, which was located on the same street as the church. Pastor Roberson's mother lived at Master's Health Care, a nursing home located about half a mile from the church. Through our acquaintance with the Robersons, we were also able to minister to the residents of the nursing home with gospel singing. For one such occasion, we brought all of Spirit and Truth Ministries' sound equipment and performed in the nursing home cafeteria."


Spirit and Truth Singers

"Spirit and Truth Ministries relocated to Seymour, Tennessee after I graduated from college and found employment in South Knoxville, and both Ruby Lea and I moved to Sevier County. Sevier County was the home of Fred and Linda Elmore, a couple with whom we became fast friends. Linda was excited about singing for the Lord, and she voluteered her time along with Ruby Lea and I to form an organized singing group called the Spirit and Truth Singers. Over the next two years, we ministered in dozens of churches all across the East Tennessee Valley."

"The Most Important Things"

"This tract was produced by Spirit and Truth Ministries for the purpose of distributing to the crowd after singing performances by the Spirit and Truth Singers."

Singing at the Church of God of Prophesy in Petros, TN

"The Spirit and Truth Singers sang during both the morning and evening church services on Sunday, November 6, 1994 at the Church of God of Prophesy in Petros, Tennessee. Linda took the first two pictures while we were setting up the equipment, and the next two pictures were taken during the morning service. In the last picture, we are standing on the front steps of the church with Pastor Stewart Slone and his wife."


Rocky Branch Independent Holiness Church of God, Walland, TN

"These pictures were taken on January 15, 1995 at Rocky Branch Independent Holiness Church of God in Walland, Tennessee where Robert Jennings is pastor. In the first picture, I am standing behind the pulpit holding a tambourine with Brother Jennings and his wife Mary at my side. The pastor's daughter, Angel (shown in the second picture playing the electric guitar), is one of the most talented guitar players I had met up to that time. We met this family a few weeks earlier at a singing held at another church where we were ministering: they were known as the 'Angel' Band. In the third picture, Ruby Lea, Linda Elmore, and I are playing and singing in front of the congregation. We were invited back to sing at this church several times during the next couple of years, and we often participated as singers in this church's float ministry."

Singing at Trinity Full Gospel Fellowship, Sevierville, TN

"The quality of this photograph is not very good, because it was taken in the low light conditions. The Spirit and Truth Singers ministered during the evening service in this small country church on March 11, 1995."

Singing at Rocky Branch Independent Holiness Church of God, Walland, TN

"These pictures were taken at a singing held on Sunday, June 4, where the Spirit and Truth Singers was the featured group. In the first two pictures, I am standing behind the pulpit testifying and singing, and the regular church musicians are around me playing accompaniment. In the last picture, Linda Elmore and I are standing forward of the pulpit playing and singing."

Mount Calvary Holiness Church, Sevierville, TN

"These pictures were taken at the Mount Calvary Holiness Church. The Sprit and Truth Singers, represented by Linda Elmore and me, played and sang during this church service. In the last picture I am standing with the Pastor, Keith Hunt."

Benefit Singing at Roane County Park near Harriman, TN

"The Spirit and Truth Singers were asked to sing at a benefit singing held at one of the pavillions at the Roane County Park on May 27, 1995. Linda Elmore and I drove for about an hour to attend and sing at the event. The singing group shown in these pictures (the Ten Mile Singers) were playing when we arrived. We saw them often at other singing events where we ministered."

Singing at 7th Day Church of God Retreat

"In the fall of 1995, Ruby Lea and I traveled to Big Ridge State Park in Union County, Tennessee to sing at a retreat of the 7th Day Church of God of Knoxville. Linda Elmore had to stop singing with our group over the summer, and this was the first event in which my mother and I traveled alone as the Spirit and Truth Singers. These pictures were taken in the lodge building where the entire group of retreating campers were assembled. The singing was held on October 15, which I believe was the last day of a week-long event."


Benefit Singing for Able-to-Cope Crisis Center, Petros, TN

"These pictures were taken at the Petros-Joyner School in Petros, Tennessee. This was one of several benefit singings organized by a man named Joey Farr, who is shown in a three of the pictures."

Singing at Cagle Terrace, Knoxville, TN

The Spirit and Truth Singers were invited to minister at a singing event held on Friday, March 29, 1996 in the common area of building B in the Cagle Terrace residence complex on Southerland Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee. The event was organized by one of the residents, Pete Barnhill, an older gentleman who had a withered arm and hand. I didn't know much about Cagle Terrace at the time, but since then I learned that it is a subsidized apartment bulding managed by KCDC, Knoxville's Community Development Corporation. All of the residents of building B are elderly or disabled-and-near-elderly individuals. On this date, Ruby Lea drove from her apartment in Sevierville to my apartment, and then we drove up together to the event where we met Pete Barnhill for the first time. We sang and talked about Jesus with the residents who came down from their apartments to the common area to attend the event. These pictures show the outside view of Cagle Terrace and also the common area where the event took place."

"Your First Bible"

"This tract produced by Spirit and Truth Ministries was first distributed to tourists in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee by placing it in some of the area hotels. With approval of the hotel management, copies were provided to cleaning staff in April at the start of the tourist season. When the maids cleaned the rooms each day, they would put a copy of the tract inside the Gideon Bible in the room if it had been taken by the occupant the day before."


Benefit Singing for Able-to-Cope Crisis Center, Wartburg, TN

"These pictures were taken at the Central High School in Wartburg, Tennessee in June, 1997. In the first couple of pictures, Ruby Lea and I are posing beside the trailer that we used for several years to carry our musical equipment to the events where we ministered. Next, Ruby is standing with one of the ladies that worked for the Able-to-Cope Crisis Center who showed us where to set up. In the last picture are three other ladies who also work for the crisis center."

Singing at the Rocky Branch "Float", Alcoa, TN

"Every summer, the Rocky Branch Holiness Church of God would set up this float somewhere in the area along Highway 321 between Alcoa, Tennessee and Townsend, Tennessee for weekly singing events. It was a ministry to tourists visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and to the local townspeople. We were privileged to be a part of this work...the Spirit and Truth Singers had an open invitation to come and sing at these events, and we did often during the 1990s. (Go back to the year 1995 to see pictures taken at the Rocky Branch church building.)"

Singing at Anderson Avenue Church of God, Knoxville, TN

"These pictures were taken during a Saturday night singing event to which Ruby Lea and I were invited. The singing was held on August 2. Our testimony was that 'we came here for no other purpose except to be a light for him and a signpost for him and just to point the way to the one who saved me...saved my soul.' "

Singing at Rice's Bend Church of God, Flag Pond, TN

"Flag Pond is the last community in the State of Tennessee as one travels the direct road from Bristol, Tennessee to Ashville, North Carolina. It took us about three hours to drive to the little country church, but it was such a blessing to us to meet the people and give our testimony during this Sunday morning church service in August. Ruby Lea and I sang at this church on several different dates in 1997."

Singing at Emory Gap Independent Church of God, Harriman, TN

"A preacher named Jimmy Pressley (first picture) with whom I had been friends since 1990 became the pastor of the Emory Gap Church of God, and almost immediately he began to call on me to preach in his church. Each preaching appointment I received was also an opportunity for Ruby Lea and I to sing together as the Spirit and Truth Singers. These picutres were taken on August 17, 1997. After the pastor opened the service (first picture), we would usually sing (second picture) before I preached (third picture). In the last picture, we are standing with members of the church to pray for one of the people attending the church service."

Singing at Home Faith Mission, Knoxville, TN

"Home Faith Mission is the ministry of Anna Mae Denton. Her church services at this time were being held in the historic WNOX Building in Knoxville, Tennessee. In this picture taken in November, 1997 after the singing, my mother, Ruby Lea, is standing beside Anna Mae Denton (center) with some of the members of the congregation."


Singing at Jehovah-Nissi Church, Oak Ridge, TN

"The late 1990s brought many changes to our personal lives as I met, courted, and married my wife, Sheila Ann Adcox. Sheila's father, Bill, and my mother, Ruby Lea--both single--became lifelong friends and a 'couple'. They moved about an hour away from Seymour to the city of Kingston, Tennessee, and this meant that we had fewer opportunities to sing together. In these pictures taken in October, 1999, the four of us ministered together as the Spirit and Truth Singers at a church near Oak Ridge, Tennessee (about half way between Seymour and Kingston)."

Music and Singing for Revival at the Center of Hope, Knoxville, TN

"Sheila and I visited a new church that opened up in South Knoxville near where we lived in Seymour. We met the pastor, Lisa Latham, and talked with her for a while after the service. She asked for assistance with music for an upcoming revival she had planned, and Spirit and Truth Ministries responded by providing sound equipment for the duration of the revival. Sheila and I attended the revival and sang, representing the Spirit and Truth Singers. The revival lasted four days, starting with two services on Sunday, November 21, and continuing nightly through Wednesday, November 24. The evangelist was Brenda Williams of West Palm Beach, Florida. On one of the nights of the revival, the evangelist prophesied to me and Sheila. The audio file below contains the recording of a testimony I gave the following week at Emory Gap Church of God (below) in which I talked about the prophesy."


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Singing at Emory Gap Independent Church of God, Harriman, TN

"The weekend after Thanksgiving, Sheila and I drove to Harriman to sing at Emory Gap Independent Church of God during the evening service, Sunday, Nomvember 28. During the first half of the song service, the pastor laid on hands on and prayed for the members of the congregation, and he requested that Sheila and I sing (several times) the song called He'll Do It Again. It was a favorite song of this church."


Singing at Bible Fellowship, Seymour, TN

"Sheila and I ran into some old friends who told us about a church start-up in Seymour called Bible Fellowship. We visited the church for the first time on Sunday, March 12, and I was invited to come back the following week and preach. Sheila and I, representing the Spirit and Truth Singers, sang several songs together, and she also sang solo. After this evening, Sheila and I made a decision to attend this church, and we became very active in it. As a consequence, the traveling singing ministry of Spirit and Truth Ministries became mostly inactive after this time, although other works of ministry continued."


Singing at Bible Fellowship, Seymour, TN

"On April 11, 2004, Ruby Lea traveled from her home in Kingston, Tennessee to Seymour for Bible Fellowship's Easter Sunday service so that we could sing special music together as the Spirit and Truth Singers. In these pictures, Ruby Lea and I are singing a song called 'The Love of Christ'."


Singing for the National Day of Prayer, Seymour, TN

"These pictures were taken at the Kroger grocery store in Seymour, Tennessee on May 5, 2005. A sister named Jan Scherer, who was attending Bible Fellowship at the time, organized this midday gathering of different churches as part of the National Day of Prayer. She asked for assistance with music for the event, and Spirit and Truth Ministries responded by providing sound equipment for the day. Ruby Lea drove from her house in Kingston, Tennessee to join me there, and we sang together at the event, representing the Spirit and Truth Singers."


Singing at Christ Covenant Full Gospel Church, Seymour, TN

"After Sheila and I visited this church one Sunday, Pastor Gary Crisp called and invited us to return and sing at a special service on July 29 during which his son would be ordained as a deacon. Our friends Doug and Marinda Magoon went and sang with us, and Marinda also sang solo. In the last picture, Sheila and I, representing the Spirit and Truth Singers, are posing with the pastor."


Singing at Rocky Branch Independent Holiness Church of God, Walland, TN

"These pictures were taken on July 11, 2009 at Rocky Branch Independent Holiness Church of God in Walland, Tennessee where Robert Jennings is still the pastor. Many years had passed since the last time we ministered in this church. Brother Jennings is very fond of 'Sister Ruby', and I was glad she was able to travel from Kingston to participate in the singing.


Bible Study at SNAP Fitness, Knoxville, TN

"The Lord opened a door for Spirit and Truth Ministries to conduct a summertime Bible study in a back room of the SNAP Fitness gym in Knoxville, Tennessee. Weekly meetings were held from Thursday, May 20 until Thursday, Auguest 26. The start of the Bible study was announced in two local newspapers, on a printed flyer (shown below), and through facebook.

The Bible study group was called 'Casting Off Weights'. This choice was influenced by the Bible passage in Hebrews, chapter 12, verses 1 and 2. This choice was also influenced by my feeling that the group would provide accountability to the members for sticking to their individual health and fitness plans. I created a Bible reading plan so all of the members would read the same passages through the week and discuss them during the group meetings.

The facebook badge below is a link to the Casting Off Weights group page on the Facebook site (if the group were to become active again, the badge will show upcoming events). The first picture shows the front of SNAP Fitness where we held the Bible study. After that is the flyer made to advertise the Bible study. Next, you can see a copy of the calednar pages that attendees received every week showing the Bible scriptures to read for the following week with space provided for taking notes and keeping a log of diet and exercise progress. After this, you can see a snapshot of the Facebook page as it appeared on the first week of the study as well as after the last meeting. The last five pictures below were taken at the final meeting. Ruby Lea and Bill made the trip from Kingston, Tennessee to be present for the last meeting."

Casting Off Weights  |  Create Your Badge

Singing at Rocky Branch Independent Holiness Church of God, Walland, TN

"Almost one year to the day since our previous visit, we returned to Rocky Branch Independent Holiness Church of God in Walland, Tennessee to participate in their second Friday night singing service on July 9, 2010. Ruby, Bill, Sheila, and I came representing the Spirit and Truth Singers. We were joined by Heidi Parunak, a dear friend we knew from two churches we had attended together in the past. I had recently been reuninted with Heidi through the Bible study at SNAP Fitness (above). Doug and Marinda have been coming to many of this church's singing services since I introduced them to the pastor and his wife, Robert and Mary Jennings, who are shown below in the last picture. All seven of us sang together on the last song, a 1950s-style song called 'Got a Reason'."


Launched Spirit and Truth Fellowship of Knoxville, Knoxville, TN

"For about a year, Spirit and Truth Ministries was active in exploring the possibility of starting new churches. Our research began in March, 2010 when Ruby Lea and I attended an IRS workshop in Atlanta and the information presented there applied only to churches and publicly-funded charities, not to a private operating foundation like Spirit and Truth Ministries. Also, Spirit and Truth Ministries paid for an attorney to become familiar with our present organization and provide some insights that would help us lay out a roadmap in the future. The primary advice he dispensed was to begin by starting a single new church. This work proceeded to the point that Spirit and Truth Fellowship of Knoxville was chartered on August 31, 2010 and planned its first church service for February, 2011. Spirit and Truth Ministries purchased and donated 51 folding chairs to the new church to use for conducting church services and activites at the church's initial meeting location at Crestridge Apartments Community Room."

Singing and Preaching at God's Country, New Market, TN

"Spirit and Truth Ministries attended an annual event called God's Country on Friday and Saturday, November 25-26, the first two days after Thanksgiving. The event is organized each year by Gwen Ford, pictured below wearing purple. This year, the event took place in a historic church building that Gwen owns and operates under the name God's Place.

The first six pictures below are from Friday night, and the rest were taken on Saturday. I played guitar and sang together with several people in attendance and with Ruby Lea. I also preached the sermon for Saturday night."

Preaching at Lighthouse Christian Church, Dandridge, TN

"This church is located at a Christian Camp outside of Dandridge, and meets on Sundays. The Pastor and his wife, Donnie and Lisa Pullem, also preach regularly at God's Place. We met them at the God's Country event, and I sang with Donnie. It was through this introduction that we received the invitation to come. In the Sunday morning service of December 4, I helped to play music during the congregational singing and while the youth worshipped with interpretive dance led by Lisa Pullem. I delivered the Sunday morning sermon, titled The Most Important Verse in the Bible."


Singing at Children of Obedience Church, New Market, TN

"April 18 was the date of the very first service of Children of Obedience nondenominational church. They rented the historic church building owned by Gwen Ford, whom we met the previous year. She called to ask if the Spirit and Truth Singers could sing at this service since the church had no other music planned for their first day. We agreed to come in the late morning, and we arrived just as Pastor Kevin Shelby was finished preaching his sermon. The only picture I have from this event is a snapshot of the pastor I took with my cell phone in the parking lot after service as we were exchanging phone numbers."


Singing at the Sevier County Right to Life Rally, Pigeon Forge, TN

"New friendships opened an opportunity for community involvement by Spirit and Truth Ministries. Carrie Fischer is an abortion survivor, and she and her husband Richard are active in the pro-life movement. Patrice Kalinowski is a singer and songwriter who had performed at previous events of the Sevier County Right to Life organization. Patrice received an invitation to sing at a rally on January 13 as described by the newspaper article below. She and I set to music some lyrics composed by Richard Fischer, and she asked me to sing the song with her at the event. We all attended together, and I participated in the capacity of representing Spirit and Truth Ministries. The song was called 'The Answer,' and here is a link to a video of our performance. After several speeches were delivered and various performances completed, the audience marched several blocks through the city of Pigeon Forge from the Country Tonite theater to the Red Roof Mall. Sheila and I followed by car and took pictures of the march."

Singing at the Sevier County Right to Life Meeting, Sevierville, TN

"Patrice Kalinowski was invited back to sing at the next event of Sevier County Right to Life, and she asked me to collaborate on another new song and accompany her again. The event took place at the Sevierville Civic Center on April 18, and it was only after we arrived that I learned that the purpose of the meeting was to judge contestants in a high school oratory contest with topics on euthanasia, stem-cell research, etc. Patrice composed lyrics and partial tune for a song titled 'Just Let Them Live', and I finished setting it to music. Here is a link to a video on YouTube that I posted so she could hear the result of my contribution for the first time. I considered my participation as volunteer work for Spirit and Truth Ministries."

Singing for Morgan Ann Hall Family Benefit, Harriman, TN

"The Spirit and Truth Singers were invited to sing for an hour at a benefit organized by Rev. Wendell Edmonds for a family that had recently endured great tragedy. Morgan Ann Hall and her mother were involved in a fatal car crash. Morgan survived with severe injuries including fourteen broken ribs, but her mother did not make it. Even with insurance, the family owed more than ten thousand dollars in medical bills. At the event, Heidi MacLeod, Ruby Lea, and I sang a mixture of songs played on the guitar and CD from 3:30 until 4:30 PM between two other singing groups. Below is a copy of the Facebook page for this event, the schedule of groups for the entire day, our list of songs to perform, and pictures of the event."

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