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This web page is a photographic history of Spirit and Truth Ministries. You can click on any of the pictures to see an enlargement (the large picture is displayed in a separate window). The pictures are organized by year. Before each group of pictures, David Spakes tells about the item or event.

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Benefit Singing for Able-to-Cope Crisis Center, Petros, TN

"These pictures were taken at the Petros-Joyner School in Petros, Tennessee. This was one of several benefit singings organized by a man named Joey Farr, who is shown in a three of the pictures."

Singing at Cagle Terrace, Knoxville, TN

The Spirit and Truth Singers were invited to minister at a singing event held on Friday, March 29, 1996 in the common area of building B in the Cagle Terrace residence complex on Southerland Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee. The event was organized by one of the residents, Pete Barnhill, an older gentleman who had a withered arm and hand. I didn't know much about Cagle Terrace at the time, but since then I learned that it is a subsidized apartment bulding managed by KCDC, Knoxville's Community Development Corporation. All of the residents of building B are elderly or disabled-and-near-elderly individuals. On this date, Ruby Lea drove from her apartment in Sevierville to my apartment, and then we drove up together to the event where we met Pete Barnhill for the first time. We sang and talked about Jesus with the residents who came down from their apartments to the common area to attend the event. These pictures show the outside view of Cagle Terrace and also the common area where the event took place."

"Your First Bible"

"This tract produced by Spirit and Truth Ministries was first distributed to tourists in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee by placing it in some of the area hotels. With approval of the hotel management, copies were provided to cleaning staff in April at the start of the tourist season. When the maids cleaned the rooms each day, they would put a copy of the tract inside the Gideon Bible in the room if it had been taken by the occupant the day before."

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