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This web page is a photographic history of Spirit and Truth Ministries. You can click on any of the pictures to see an enlargement (the large picture is displayed in a separate window). The pictures are organized by year. Before each group of pictures, David Spakes tells about the item or event.

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Singing for the National Day of Prayer, Seymour, TN

"These pictures were taken at the Kroger grocery store in Seymour, Tennessee on May 5, 2005. A sister named Jan Scherer, who was attending Bible Fellowship at the time, organized this midday gathering of different churches as part of the National Day of Prayer. She asked for assistance with music for the event, and Spirit and Truth Ministries responded by providing sound equipment for the day. Ruby Lea drove from her house in Kingston, Tennessee to join me there, and we sang together at the event, representing the Spirit and Truth Singers."

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