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This web page is a photographic history of Spirit and Truth Ministries. You can click on any of the pictures to see an enlargement (the large picture is displayed in a separate window). The pictures are organized by year. Before each group of pictures, David Spakes tells about the item or event.

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Benefit Singing for Able-to-Cope Crisis Center, Wartburg, TN

"These pictures were taken at the Central High School in Wartburg, Tennessee in June, 1997. In the first couple of pictures, Ruby Lea and I are posing beside the trailer that we used for several years to carry our musical equipment to the events where we ministered. Next, Ruby is standing with one of the ladies that worked for the Able-to-Cope Crisis Center who showed us where to set up. In the last picture are three other ladies who also work for the crisis center."

Singing at the Rocky Branch "Float", Alcoa, TN

"Every summer, the Rocky Branch Holiness Church of God would set up this float somewhere in the area along Highway 321 between Alcoa, Tennessee and Townsend, Tennessee for weekly singing events. It was a ministry to tourists visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and to the local townspeople. We were privileged to be a part of this work...the Spirit and Truth Singers had an open invitation to come and sing at these events, and we did often during the 1990s. (Go back to the year 1995 to see pictures taken at the Rocky Branch church building.)"

Singing at Anderson Avenue Church of God, Knoxville, TN

"These pictures were taken during a Saturday night singing event to which Ruby Lea and I were invited. The singing was held on August 2. Our testimony was that 'we came here for no other purpose except to be a light for him and a signpost for him and just to point the way to the one who saved me...saved my soul.' "

Singing at Rice's Bend Church of God, Flag Pond, TN

"Flag Pond is the last community in the State of Tennessee as one travels the direct road from Bristol, Tennessee to Ashville, North Carolina. It took us about three hours to drive to the little country church, but it was such a blessing to us to meet the people and give our testimony during this Sunday morning church service in August. Ruby Lea and I sang at this church on several different dates in 1997."

Singing at Emory Gap Independent Church of God, Harriman, TN

"A preacher named Jimmy Pressley (first picture) with whom I had been friends since 1990 became the pastor of the Emory Gap Church of God, and almost immediately he began to call on me to preach in his church. Each preaching appointment I received was also an opportunity for Ruby Lea and I to sing together as the Spirit and Truth Singers. These picutres were taken on August 17, 1997. After the pastor opened the service (first picture), we would usually sing (second picture) before I preached (third picture). In the last picture, we are standing with members of the church to pray for one of the people attending the church service."

Singing at Home Faith Mission, Knoxville, TN

"Home Faith Mission is the ministry of Anna Mae Denton. Her church services at this time were being held in the historic WNOX Building in Knoxville, Tennessee. In this picture taken in November, 1997 after the singing, my mother, Ruby Lea, is standing beside Anna Mae Denton (center) with some of the members of the congregation."

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