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This web page is a photographic history of Spirit and Truth Ministries. You can click on any of the pictures to see an enlargement (the large picture is displayed in a separate window). The pictures are organized by year. Before each group of pictures, David Spakes tells about the item or event.

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Singing at Children of Obedience Church, New Market, TN

"April 18 was the date of the very first service of Children of Obedience nondenominational church. They rented the historic church building owned by Gwen Ford, whom we met the previous year. She called to ask if the Spirit and Truth Singers could sing at this service since the church had no other music planned for their first day. We agreed to come in the late morning, and we arrived just as Pastor Kevin Shelby was finished preaching his sermon. The only picture I have from this event is a snapshot of the pastor I took with my cell phone in the parking lot after service as we were exchanging phone numbers."

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